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August 3, 2007
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Dutch Delight. by thrumyeye Dutch Delight. by thrumyeye

The Netherlands....a country with numerous different cultures.
I think that no one who lives here could say that this goes without troubles.
And that's such a shame.
I love the idea of all kinds of people with all kinds of different backgrounds, habits and colours live together.
I think of all we could learn from eachother...learn eachothers culture, cuisine, dances, words.....
The problem should be that there are too many people concentrated in a small country, not the fact that they are a bit different...
Yay for the Melting Pot.

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scaryyyy dolls heads =0
amen to that ...
always happy to see people trying to build bridges not destroy them , i have dear friends from Holland
and i appreciated this friendship so Much and we laugh a lot and am a Muslim /Arab/African/middle eastern/pharo
so i think its the well inside every human to be friendly with every person around , what really controls relationships between different cultures . we have a phrase in Quran that says : God doesn't look to how you look like ,but what you do good/bad in life . why don't we just look to the hearts inside , not how we dress , believe , color etc..
thanks for building bridges Thrumyeyes ;)
EruThis Oct 1, 2010
yaay, and i live there. :']
i wonder why we can't just get along, i guess its because most people are just too focust on whats different to notice that were all the same... i agree with you we should learn from each other and live together:) really nice piece makes you think:D
aHh! they are all staring at me! make it stop!! lol ya I love this shot though...
I am from holland myself and I respect other cultures. I would like to live in a whole diffrent culture myself as well. But you do have to fit in. You can not forget your roots ofcourse. But in my opnion living in an other cultures mean you got to change. At least learn the language. These people just don't...
Sophie-shoots Apr 14, 2010  Student General Artist
Yay voor NL! :D als ik uit de universiteit kom, ga ik terug naar nederland :)
GoGo-T-W Sep 30, 2008   Traditional Artist
I want the one on the very far right.
those scarves are so pretty, i wish I had the pink one!!
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