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"....Oh well, some animals are simply more beauty than brains…
Not herons though...."
The Night Heron (En)
The Backpack Quack .:Black Crowned Night Heron :. by thrumyeye
Yay, my latest article got featured @ Huffington Post! :D => Ducklings All Ditches United :boogie:
Baby Duck on the Hunt by thrumyeye
A new blog is online: Chasing White Rabbits
Feel free to help me with improving my Denglish (Dutch-English)
Hope ya like it!

The Smiling White Rabbit by thrumyeye
My 3d article @ Huffington Post and indeed, this time it's about ...Foxes...Yawning Foxes, to be more precise ;)
Feel free to like fav share tweet or just read it ;) :blowkiss:

Yawning Fox Kit by thrumyeye
Yay, my Gosling Blog got featured @Huffington Post!
And...-being Dutch- I'm kinda proud that my writings are understood and liked....:P :dance:
PS. Sharing, tweeting, Pinning, Liking, Faving etc is appreciated! :blowkiss: ;)
The Gosling, the Daisy and New Blog by thrumyeye
Maybe some of you know that besides taking photographs, I love to write..?
And maybe some of you know Huffington Post? my blog is published there: My story at Huffington Post
You can share it retweet it, pin it...or just enjoy it :D
The Pink Grasshopper II by thrumyeye
Finally, my new shiny & new  website is online, with a complete new look, logo and lots of new (even never published) photos!
I'm still working on it, so if you happen to notice some awkward/ illogical/ unpleasant things, please let me know.
Your comments are appreciated!
I Can't Stand the Rain by thrumyeye
New Blog: If it Walks like a Goose and it Talks like a Goose
Help with grammar and spelling is much appreciated!
The Gosling, the Daisy and New Blog by thrumyeye
Swandance by thrumyeye
Thanks RezzanATAKOL, EveLivesey and Worlds-in-Miniature and the many others that suggested it and of course Nancy (Anoya) for featuring it...I was so happily surprised :D

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My Fox Stories

A l'aise... by thrumyeyeTesting..testing.... by thrumyeyeHey Dude..... by thrumyeye
Seconds Before the Light Went Out by thrumyeyeComfortably Fox by thrumyeyeFox Felicity by thrumyeye
My Facebook
For anyone who's interested in a bit of background info, you can read my interview on 121clicks here: Interview 121Clicks
I'm too sexy for this Site by thrumyeyeSeconds Before the Light Went Out by thrumyeye
Stretch Fox by thrumyeyeThe Winter Wonder Dance by thrumyeye
I know...I already bothered you yesterday, but today one of my fox photos was selected.
Abd since fox photography is my 'core business', I would love it if this one would be selected for the magazine.
So I'm sorry to ask again.....but...could you please vote for my fox in the snow?
-->… <--

Thanks again! :blowkiss: & :glomp:
Foxinthesnow by thrumyeye
Yay! Today my photo was chosen by the National Geographic as one of the 'Daily Dozen'. :boogie:  :dance:
If I understood well, it's now a matter of voting and your votes decide if my photo will be published in National Geographic magazine!
So if you like my work, a vote surely is appreciated!… (The photo of the green frog with inflated cheeks is mine) ,--

Thanks in advance,
Burb by thrumyeye
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If you like foxes: I wrote a new blog about 'em: About fox cubs, vixens and helpers

Feel free to leave a comment or to correct my messy Englsih, erhm...English...because I'm sure it's full of silly mistakes...;):laughing:
If you have some corrections, please post it in a comment on my journal or in a note. Your help is appreciated!!
If you happen to like my blog, you can comment there,
Fox Felicity by thrumyeye
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Maybe some of you remember that - yeas ago- I started this 'Under 40 Club'- to generate some more attention for wonderful, but unappreciated photos.
This later on became the 'Under 100 Club'.
And then I was quite busy and didn't have time for it for a while.
At least...I thought it was just a while until I just realized my last feature was 1,5 year ago!!! :shocked: :blush:
So....let's do something about that! (and I might change the amount of faves as well, since photos are seen more and therefore faved more these days)


The under and just a little above 100 club  (8)

CAT 1 by nefson
Just 20(!) :+fav:s
Kanha NP 04 by catman-suha
124 :+fav:s
2 by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Just 7(!) :+fav:s
The Entrance by AimishBoy
Just 47 :+fav:s
Eagle Owl by GMCPhotographics
102 :+fav:s
Walking on the road by phalalcrocorax
120 :+fav:s
Martin pescatore by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Just 38 :+fav:s

magic lights by lisans
83 :+fav:s
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Update: an anonymous deviant gave me a 3 months sub!!!
So Anonymous Deviant......thanks so much for that....that's highy appreciated and I'll start a new feature asap..thanks to you! :blowkiss:

A little more then a week ago I decided to sell some of my photos and a few days ago I sold my first one, yay. :boogie::dance:
As soon as I will have sold enough I think I will buy a subscription and then I will do the <100 favs again ;)…

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In the past years I received many many requests to make my work available as prints.
I never did.
Simply because I work hard to make my photos.
It's a lot of extra work to make them ready for prints.
And there's not much in it for me.
But now I decided to select a few, because maybe.... it will make some of you happy...;)

If you have special request, please sent me a note ;)

My Blog in Denglish (Dutch-English)

Me @ 500px

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Hi....I'm not that much around lately.
But in case you're looking for me: I might be elsewhere...:P

My Blog in Denglish (Dutch-English)

Me @ 500px

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