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I just launched my new blog about Banded Demoiselles (Calopteryx splendens)
I'm Dutch and certainly no native speaker, so if you find some flasw in my Denglish, your advice would be appreciated. :blowkiss:

Narcissus by thrumyeyeYellow River _ Banded Demoiselle Reflections by thrumyeye
"....Oh well, some animals are simply more beauty than brains…
Not herons though...."
The Night Heron (En)
The Backpack Quack .:Black Crowned Night Heron :. by thrumyeye
Yay, my latest article got featured @ Huffington Post! :D => Ducklings All Ditches United :boogie:
Baby Duck on the Hunt by thrumyeye
A new blog is online: Chasing White Rabbits
Feel free to help me with improving my Denglish (Dutch-English)
Hope ya like it!

The Smiling White Rabbit by thrumyeye
My 3d article @ Huffington Post and indeed, this time it's about ...Foxes...Yawning Foxes, to be more precise ;)
Feel free to like fav share tweet or just read it ;) :blowkiss:

Yawning Fox Kit by thrumyeye
Yay, my Gosling Blog got featured @Huffington Post!
And...-being Dutch- I'm kinda proud that my writings are understood and liked....:P :dance:
PS. Sharing, tweeting, Pinning, Liking, Faving etc is appreciated! :blowkiss: ;)
The Gosling, the Daisy and New Blog by thrumyeye
Maybe some of you know that besides taking photographs, I love to write..?
And maybe some of you know Huffington Post? my blog is published there: My story at Huffington Post
You can share it retweet it, pin it...or just enjoy it :D
The Pink Grasshopper II by thrumyeye
Finally, my new shiny & new  website is online, with a complete new look, logo and lots of new (even never published) photos!
I'm still working on it, so if you happen to notice some awkward/ illogical/ unpleasant things, please let me know.
Your comments are appreciated!
I Can't Stand the Rain by thrumyeye
New Blog: If it Walks like a Goose and it Talks like a Goose
Help with grammar and spelling is much appreciated!
The Gosling, the Daisy and New Blog by thrumyeye
Swandance by thrumyeye
Thanks RezzanATAKOL, EveLivesey and Worlds-in-Miniature and the many others that suggested it and of course Nancy (Anoya) for featuring it...I was so happily surprised :D

My Facebook
My Fox Stories

A l'aise... by thrumyeyeTesting..testing.... by thrumyeyeHey Dude..... by thrumyeye
Seconds Before the Light Went Out by thrumyeyeComfortably Fox by thrumyeyeFox Felicity by thrumyeye
My Facebook
For anyone who's interested in a bit of background info, you can read my interview on 121clicks here: Interview 121Clicks
I'm too sexy for this Site by thrumyeyeSeconds Before the Light Went Out by thrumyeye
Stretch Fox by thrumyeyeThe Winter Wonder Dance by thrumyeye
I know...I already bothered you yesterday, but today one of my fox photos was selected.
Abd since fox photography is my 'core business', I would love it if this one would be selected for the magazine.
So I'm sorry to ask again.....but...could you please vote for my fox in the snow?
-->… <--

Thanks again! :blowkiss: & :glomp:
Foxinthesnow by thrumyeye
Yay! Today my photo was chosen by the National Geographic as one of the 'Daily Dozen'. :boogie:  :dance:
If I understood well, it's now a matter of voting and your votes decide if my photo will be published in National Geographic magazine!
So if you like my work, a vote surely is appreciated!… (The photo of the green frog with inflated cheeks is mine) ,--

Thanks in advance,
Burb by thrumyeye
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If you like foxes: I wrote a new blog about 'em: About fox cubs, vixens and helpers

Feel free to leave a comment or to correct my messy Englsih, erhm...English...because I'm sure it's full of silly mistakes...;):laughing:
If you have some corrections, please post it in a comment on my journal or in a note. Your help is appreciated!!
If you happen to like my blog, you can comment there,
Fox Felicity by thrumyeye
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Maybe some of you remember that - yeas ago- I started this 'Under 40 Club'- to generate some more attention for wonderful, but unappreciated photos.
This later on became the 'Under 100 Club'.
And then I was quite busy and didn't have time for it for a while.
At least...I thought it was just a while until I just realized my last feature was 1,5 year ago!!! :shocked: :blush:
So....let's do something about that! (and I might change the amount of faves as well, since photos are seen more and therefore faved more these days)


The under and just a little above 100 club  (8)

CAT 1 by nefson
Just 20(!) :+fav:s
Kanha NP 04 by catman-suha
124 :+fav:s
2 by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Just 7(!) :+fav:s
The Entrance by AimishBoy
Just 47 :+fav:s
Eagle Owl by GMCPhotographics
102 :+fav:s
Walking on the road by phalalcrocorax
120 :+fav:s
Martin pescatore by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Just 38 :+fav:s

magic lights by lisans
83 :+fav:s
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Update: an anonymous deviant gave me a 3 months sub!!!
So Anonymous Deviant......thanks so much for that....that's highy appreciated and I'll start a new feature asap..thanks to you! :blowkiss:

A little more then a week ago I decided to sell some of my photos and a few days ago I sold my first one, yay. :boogie::dance:
As soon as I will have sold enough I think I will buy a subscription and then I will do the <100 favs again ;)…

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In the past years I received many many requests to make my work available as prints.
I never did.
Simply because I work hard to make my photos.
It's a lot of extra work to make them ready for prints.
And there's not much in it for me.
But now I decided to select a few, because maybe.... it will make some of you happy...;)

If you have special request, please sent me a note ;)

My Blog in Denglish (Dutch-English)

Me @ 500px

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